Privacy Policy

Henry Mole & Sons Limited does not share your information with companies that may wish to sell to you. This protects you from receiving unwanted post, emails and telephone calls. In addition you can stop receiving information from us at any time; simply advise us of your preferences whenever we ask (online, order forms, telephone operator) or contact us.

Privacy Policy

We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003.

1.What Personal Information Do We Collect?
This includes:

• your name
• address
• telephone number
• email address and whether you have internet access
• credit/debit card details
• date of birth
• who you are buying for
• how you found out about Henry Mole & Sons Limited
We will never collect sensitive information about you without your explicit consent.

2.Purpose and Use of Your Personal Information
We collect information about you:
1.To respond to your enquiry for information regarding our products received from you by mail, email, fax, and telephone.
2.To administer payment, process and fulfil your order.
3.To ensure you experience the best customer service across all our sales and service channels in accordance with your preference (by website, email, telephone and mail).
4.To keep you informed about new and existing products and services from Henry Mole & Sons Limited that are similar to those you have enquired about or purchased.
5.To make you aware of special offers, prize draws and competitions offered by Henry Mole & Sons Limited.
6.To administer loyalty incentives offered to our customers (e.g. birthday special offers).
7.To solicit information and feedback regarding your experience of our customer service for continuous improvement.
8.To solicit feedback and suggestions regarding our products and services to ensure their future development takes account of your needs.
9.To solicit feedback from promotions to improve our marketing effectiveness and make promotions more relevant to your areas of interest and/or circumstances.
10.To use information for internal research purposes, such as product and service development.
11.To make you aware of local Henry Mole & Sons Limited stockists.
12.To be able to contact you by telephone in case there is a problem with your order.

Henry Mole & Sons Limited uses industry standard practices to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal identifiable information. Our internal computer system is protected by a firewall to prevent intrusions ("hacking") via the Internet.

Henry Mole & Sons Limited website uses a Thawte server certificate to verify our use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software. This ensures that all sensitive information sent by you - such as credit card numbers - is encrypted and securely transmitted when you place your order.

You will see the padlock symbol displayed on your web browser when you are transferred to our secure server.


Cookies are small files that we store on your computer's hard drive (via your web browser) to aid the functionality of our website. These cookies may contain some or all of the following information:
• Your user ID number. This is created and recorded when you register; it allows us to identify you when you return
• Log in status. The website uses this to record whether or not you are logged in to the website
• The details of how you arrived at our website including:
  1.The date you first viewed the site
  2.The address of the web page from which you arrived at our website
  3.Any search details you used to find our site (e.g. typing "silk ties" into a search engine)
  4.The first page you viewed when you arrived at our site (also known as a "landing page")
• The ID number of your Wish List or any Wish List you may have viewed or bought from
• The ID number of your shopping basket
• The ID number of a tracking cookie which will help personalise our offers to you
• The ID numbers of products on the website so we can show you your viewing history

This data is used:
• To enable us to maintain your shopping basket and accept any order you may make.
• To track the success of online advertising/other online marketing activities.
• To help us resolve technical issues.

Refusing Cookies

Your web browser will have options to do the following:
• Prevent cookies being accepted from individual websites.
• Prevent cookies being accepted from all websites.
• Notify you each time a cookie is accepted.

Please consult your browser's help files (found on the Help menu of most browsers) for instructions on how to use these options. Alternatively, contact us and we will provide as much assistance as possible.

If you decide to reject cookies from you will not be able to register or place an order online. This is because a cookie is used to store your user ID. If you still wish to order from us, but do not wish to accept a cookie, please contact us and our sales team will be happy to take your order via the telephone.

More Information

The Internet Advertising Bureau UK run a website to provide further information about cookies and how they are used. Please visit if you have additional queries or contact us

4.Your Rights and Respecting your Choice of Communication Methods
1.If you are an existing or new Henry Mole & Sons Limited customer (i.e. you have made your first or a number of repeat purchases) via our website, you will continue to receive communications as normal by mail and email. You will additionally be given the opportunity to indicate your preferred method of communication each time we contact you.
2.If you are contacting Henry Mole & Sons Limited for the first time, either by email, website order, telephone or mail order, you will be asked to indicate your preferred methods of communication. You can update or change your preferences at any time by contacting us at or by using the details on the contact us page.
Should you choose not to receive information via one or all of our methods, we will contact you on an annual basis to ascertain if your position has changed and illustrate what offers or savings you would have received had you opted to receive communication from us.

The information we hold will be accurate and up to date. This will be checked each time you order. You can check the information that we hold about you by by contacting us at or by using the details on the contact us page

Similarly if you find any inaccuracies, we will make the necessary amendments promptly or suppress your record in accordance with your communication preferences.

Should you have any specific queries regarding your privacy, please contact us at or by using the information on the contact us page.

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